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How do I import my Google Takeout file into personal email account?
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Importing messages from Google Takeout with Thunderbird

Configure the account you are moving messages to in Thunderbird by entering your Name, Email address and Email password and click Continue.


Thunderbird should provide you with the proper settings and will ask you to sign into your account via a web login.

To facilitate the importing of your exported mbox's you will need to install the ImportExportTools NG add-on for Thunderbird. To add this, select Settings à Add-ons and Themes. This will open another tab. Search for ImportExportTools NG which will bring up another tab. Click Add to Thunderbird


To import mbox’s locally to Thunderbird, in the left-hand pane, select Local Folders so it is highlight. Then right click on local folders, select ImportExportTools NG à Import mbox Files à Individual mbox Files. Select the mbox file you downloaded earlier.


Once it is finished downloading into Thunderbird, click on your email account name that you setup earlier, right click on it and select new folder. Call it whatever you would like. This way, you can separate your Strose email from your personal email. Now you can select all your messages from the local folders and drag them into that folder that you created or just right into the inbox.

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